Imagine Me & You + Looking Down

Get to know me meme [2/15] Favorite Actresses: Emilie de Ravin

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1x05/6x01/6x18 Beckett + ring(s) around her neck | requested by stanagasm

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"I think it’s so important to trust yourself, and to not just follow a crowd. You have to be proud of who you are and not just be doing something because someone says that’s what you should be doing.”

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showing emotion ( sq meme )


"Me, jealous? Ha..Double Ha.”

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swan queen meme:

[1/1] episode : Going Home (3x11)

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"I’d hate it to become style over substance, I’d hate people to start putting me in a magazine article about my style. I don’t like dressing up in something I’m not necessarily comfortable in just to make it more of a show. I want the power to come from what I sing about and how I sing." — Ellie Goulding.
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i’ll be leaving in the morning come the white wine bitter sunlight
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